Belada Hannu Panaka or Wood Apple Fruit Juice


The Bael is the fruit of the Bael tree which in kannada is called belada hannu. This fruit is also known as wood apple, stone apple and golden apple. This Bael is grown mainly in India and few other countries of South Asia. The fruit Bael is mildly tangy and mostly sweet to taste.

To make the Panaka or Juice you need to take the pulp of the bael fruit by breaking its outer hard shell. You will need a hammer to do this. Add the other mentioned ingredients to this pulp to get a sweet juice. This Bael juice or the Baelada Panaka is liberally distributed to public during Ramanavami Festival in Southern India.

Belada Hannu Panaka or Wood Apple Juice
Belada Hannu Panaka or Wood Apple Juice
Belada Panaka Ingredients :

  • Belada Fruit or Wood Apple or Elephant Apple or Bel Fruit – 1
  • Jaggery – 2 Tbsp
  • Water – 2 glass
  • Pepper powder – 1 pinch
  • Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Lemon Juice – 1 tsp (Optional)

How to Prepare:

Wood Apple Or Belada Hannu
Wood Apple Or Belada Hannu

Break the hard outer covering of Belada fruit or Wood Apple and remove inner pulp. The pulp provides a unique sour and sweet taste.

Wood Apple or Bel Fruit Pulp
Wood Apple or Bel Fruit Pulp

Take a vessel with water in it. Add Belada fruit pulp and squeeze the pulp in water. Then add Jaggery and hand mix well until the Jaggery dissolves completely.

Take a filter and filter out the seeds of the fruit from the juice.

Now add Pepper powder and Cardamom powder. If necessary, add Lemon Juice and stir well.

The Belada Hannu Panaka or Wood Apple Juice is now ready to be served.

If you prefer, keep it in refrigerator and serve chilled.

Wood Apple or Bel Fruit has many medicinal properties and hence this Juice/Panaka is considered very good for health.

In Southern India, Belada Panaka/Bel Fruit Juice and Masala Majjige are served on Rama Navami Hindu festival day, when people celebrate birth of Lord Rama.


  1. You have given good receipes of all the products. But include minor fruit products also so it became helpful to people like me.


  2. To,
    respected sir,
    Sir i hav been seen abt ur product (wood apple juice).i like it vry so plz sir i would like to make it for my thesis
    so sir plz send ful details of wood apple juice on my email id.

  3. Please tell me what preservative we can use for keep wood apple juice for a week or for a month (may be packed)

  4. You have shown wood apple called as ‘kavatha’ in marathi, but bel or beal fruit shouldn’t be confused with wood apple. Wood apple is sweet sour astringent in taste whereas bel or beal fruit doesn’t have such taste, it has sweet smell when ripe but is little bitter to taste.

    • Vandana, Please search in Google, you can see many recipes on this Bel Fruit. Everywhere it is written as Wood apple and also I tasted it and prepared the Juice from it. It is sweet and Sour in taste, so we need to use more Jaggery for this Juice.


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