Mint Lemonade


It’s summer time and time for some real healthy juice. I thought of preparing Mint Lemonade with tangy Ginger added to it. I have used Jaggery (provides a distinct taste and considered healthier too) but it can be replaced with desired quantity of Sugar.

I had earlier posted a spicy variation of Mint Juice with Lemon described in my Mint Juice recipe post. Read about multiple health benefits of Mint here.


Mint Lemonade
Mint Lemonade

You may interested in a number of other variations of Mint Lemonade posted on the web. Here is another version of Ginger Mint Lemonade. There is also healthy Mint Lemonade made out of Basil. Replacing Ginger with fruits/vegetables of various kinds produces a few more interesting combinations like the Blueberry Mint Lemonade, Kiwi Mint Lemonade, Raspberry Mint Lemonade, Mint Lemonade with Strawberry, Cherry Mint Lemonade that looks absolutely tempting, thirst quenching Mint Lemonade with Cucumber and so on.

Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves
Ingredients for Mint Lemonade:

  • Pudina or Mint Leaves – 1 bunch or 2 Cups
  • Ginger – 2 inch long
  • Jaggery – 3-4 Tbsp (or Sugar – 2 Tbsp or as desired )
  • Lemon Juice – 2 Tbsp

Time to Prepare : 10 min

How to Make Mint Lemonade:

1. Hand remove the Mint or Pudina leaves from the bunch; discard the stem. Soak the Pudina or Mint Leaves in normal water for 5-10 min. Wash the leaves thoroughly to remove dust etc. from them when in water. Once clean, remove the Mint leaves from water.

Mint Lemonade
Mint Lemonade

2. Transfer the leaves into a mixer jar with Ginger pieces. Add a cup of water to the mixer vessel and grind the Mint and Ginger combination to a smooth liquid paste. Filter the Pudina mixture with the help of a sieve to obtain Mint Juice in a vessel or a bowl.

3. Take the remaining unfiltered Mint Ginger pulp, add to it one more glass of water and grind them in the mixer grinder to a smooth liquid paste. Filter out the Juice content once again as in Step 2 above to the vessel or bowl.

Mint Lemonade
Mint Lemonade

4. Now that we have the Mint Juice in the vessel or bowl, add the Jaggery (or Sugar) and Lemon Juice to the vessel/bowl and stir well till the Jaggery dissolves completely. Adjust the Sweetness and by adding Jaggery or Sugar and also the lemon Juice. If the Mint Lemonade turns too strong add water and adjust the consistency.

The Mint Lemonade is now ready.Pour the Mint Lemonade to a serving glass. Decorate and serve the Mint Lemonade with Lemon Piece tucked on the top of the glass with bits of Pudina Leaves sprinkled on the Juice.



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