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Cabbage Salad


Before I tasted Cabbage Salad, I had not tasted raw Cabbage and hence was not sure about how good the Salad would taste. One of my neighbors prepared this and shared it with my family along with Jowar Roti (Jolada Rotti). I was simply blown away by the taste of Cabbage Salad. The raw smell of Cabbage seemed to have disappeared. I made sure I obtained the recipe of Salad from my neighbor and then tried out the dish myself.

This version of Cabbage Salad recipe is a South Indian style preparation. Recipe is a easy one with very few ingredients. This simplicity and surprisingly great taste made me try it out and post it here. There are other, better known recipes of Cabbage Salads that are posted online. Check out Greek Cabbage Salad, Napa Cabbage Salad and Asian Cabbage Salad as examples of alternate Cabbage Salad recipes if you are interested.

This Cabbage Salad can be served with Chapati, Roti or consumed as is. Make sure that the Cabbage is really fresh and is finely chopped.

Cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin C is a low calorie vegetable. Hence, Cabbage can be part of a diet plan. There are two varieties of Cabbage – one which is green (or slightly yellowish) in color and the other variety is the Purple or Red Cabbage. I tried the Cabbage Salad with Green Cabbage. If you happen to try and taste this recipe with Red or Purple Cabbage, I would love to hear in the comments section.

Cabbage Salad
Cabbage Salad
Cabbage Salad Ingredients:

  • Fresh Cabbage finely chopped – 2 Cups
  • Grated Coconut – 1/4 Cup
  • Lime Juice – 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Coriander Leaves / Cilantro

Seasoning Ingredients:

  • Sunflower Oil or Coconut Oil – 1 tsp
  • Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Urad Dal/White Lentils – 1/2 tsp
  • Curry Leaves
  • Green Chillies or Sundried Green Chillies / Balaka Menasu / Dahi Mirch – 1 (broken into 3-4 pieces)

Time to Prepare: 10 min

How to Make Cabbage Salad :

1. In a bowl, mix finely chopped fresh Cabbage, grated Coconut, Lime Juice, Salt and Coriander Leaves.

2. Heat Oil in a pan, add Mustard Seeds. Once the Mustard Seeds splutter, add Urad Dal, Green Chillies or broken Sun Dried Green Chillies and Curry leaves to the frying pan. Fry for just a minute or two until the Urad Dal or White Lentils turn light brown. The seasoning for the Cabbage Salad is now ready.

3. Pour the above seasoning into salad bowl (Step 1) and mix well the entire set of ingredients.

Cabbage Salad
Cabbage Salad

Now Cabbage Salad is ready. Serve Cabbage Salad with Chapati/Roti, Talipattu or with non-stuffed Parathas.


a) Here I used Sun Dried Green Chillies instead of normal green chillies which provides more taste to the Cabbage Salad. If you do not have access to Sun Dried Chillies, Green Chillies should go fine with Cabbage Salad.

b) If one using Sun dried Green Chillies and if you feel they are a little strong in spice, then reduce the amount of Salt and Lemon Juice.



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