Pumpkin Halwa


Pumpkin Halwa is and Indian special halwa sweet dish. Different names goes with different places in India for this halwa. Some people call it Dhamrott, so many others which you can google online. We make this pumpkin halwa with ash gourd. In kannada we call it “boodhkumbalakai”. You know that Ash gourd comes in various sizes, usually big and oval. So when you buy one whole ash gourd, once you can make sambar out of small portion of it and some you can make majjigehulli. That will become the spiced dishes. No wonder, you can also make sweet dish with the large portion of the ash gourd. When you grate it you know it leaves water. Do not discard it. That water is most nutritious which will be reabsorbed by the pumpkin during the cooking process. So you need not use extra water while cooking. Here I guide you step by step the recipe of pumpkin halwa.

Pumkin Halwa
Pumkin Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa Ingredients:

  • Grated (white) Pumpkin – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Khova or Khoa – 50 grams or 4 tsp
  • Ghee / Clarified Butter – 4 tsp
  • Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  • Cashew nuts – 8
  • Raisins (Kishmish) – 10

Time to Prepare : 30 min

How To Make Pumpkin Halwa:

  1. Cook the grated Pumpkin in a vessel by constant stirring without adding water. Once the liquid portion is absorbed by the Pumpkin elements in the vessel, add Sugar.
  2. Upon adding the Sugar, you will notice that some more liquid is produced. Keep stirring till the sugar syrup also gets absorbed and the whole mixture becomes a bit sticky. Add Khoa (optional but recommended for better taste), Cardamom powder and stir thoroughly.
  3. Lastly, fry the Cashew nuts and Raisins in Ghee and add to the Pumpkin Halwa.

Note: When preparing in large amount with a big size pumpkin add a bit less sugar. The halwa tastes great and usually stays fresh for 2-3 days. Keep Pumpkin Halwa or Kashi Halwa in refrigerator to consume for more days.


  1. Hema, I tried this dish last weekend and it came up very nicely. It was very tasty. Whole my family like a lot. I thank you very much for sharing the recipes.


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