Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail


In summer people tend to consume cold food like Juices, Milkshakes, Ice-Creams, Mocktails and also the fresh fruits. We can prepare variety of Juices and Mocktails by mixing different ingredients. Likewise, I have prepared this Mocktail by mixing the Strawberry and Kiwi crush. The preparation is very simple. Just prepare the Ice cubes of Strawberry and Kiwi Juice crush, add the Sprite over it. Go ahead and prepare these colourful ice cubes, store them in your freezer and savour this refreshing Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail whenever you want.

Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail
Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail
Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail Ingredients:

  • Strawberry Crush – 2 Tbsp
  • Kiwi Crush – 2 Tbsp
  • Sprite – 1 Cup
  • Water – as needed to prepare Juice

Preparation Time: 5-8 min

Standing Time: 3-4 hrs to prepare Ice cubes

How to Make Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail:

  1. Take Strawberry Crush in a bowl add sufficient water to it and mix well with the help of spoon or with whisk to dissolve the crush properly in water and prepare Strawberry Juice out of it. Adjust the sweetness by adding sugar if needed. It totally depends on the crush we use.
    Strawberry and Kiwi Mocktail
    Strawberry and Kiwi Mocktail
  2. In the same way repeat the above method for Kiwi Crush and prepare Kiwi Juice out of it.
  3. Now pour both Strawberry & Kiwi Juices to 2 different Ice trays and freeze it for 3-4 hrs to prepare Ice cubes out of it.
  4. Remove carefully the Ice cubes from the tray. Put these ice cubes in to a tall glass by filling up to ¾ of it.
    Strawberry and Kiwi Mocktail
    Strawberry and Kiwi Mocktail
  5. Now slowly add sufficient amount of Sprite to the glass and mix once. The Strawberry Kiwi Mocktail is ready to serve.


Adjust the sugar according to your taste, as the Sprite also has some sweetness in it.


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