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Sabudana Chivda


Sago or Sabudana is the small white ball like starch item made from Tapioca root. I had never seen Nylon Sago before. When I went to shop for the grocery, I saw it and brought home to try. I had heard long back that we can prepare Sabudana Chivda with Nylon Sago/Sabudana. I googled the recipe and saw one in “Veg Recipes of India”, seemed to be easy and tried it. End result came awesome. My daughter doesn’t like Raisins, so I had to remove it before serving her this lovely Sabudana Chivda. She liked it so much and was not willing to share with anyone. We all tasted very little as she became fan of it. She was forcing me to prepare once more this spicy, tangy sweetish Sabudana Chivda.

Sabudana Chivda
Sabudana Chivda

When I tasted fried Sago, it was bland, but after adding simple Chilli Powder, Salt and Sugar the taste was totally different. It tasted like I added Chat Masala to it. It tasted different from other Chivda. Recipe is very simple: just fry the Sago, Cashews, Raisins and Groundnuts and add the spices to it. So why wait, hurry up and prepare this simple yet tasty Sabudana Chivda in your kitchen.

Sabudana Chivda
Sabudana Chivda

Sabudana Chivda Ingredients:

  • Nylon Sabudana / Sago – 1 Cup
  • Cashew Nuts – 10 to 15
  • Raisins – 10 to 15
  • Groundnuts – 2 Tbsp
  • Powdered Sugar – 1 tsp
  • Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Oil – Deep fry the ingredients

Instruments used: Steel strainer

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Sabudana Chivda
Sabudana Chivda

How to Make Sabudana Chivda:

  1. Heat Oil in a kadai, add a Tbsp of Sabudana in steel strainer and keep it in hot Oil. Slowly deep fry it by spoon tossing in the strainer. It will start to bubble up. Do not remove immediately from the Oil. Leave it to fry for few more minutes until the “shh” sounds stops. If you remove it early, you will end up with hard portion inside the Sabudana. So make sure that Sabudana or Sago is fried properly. Remove the fried Sabudana over a paper napkin so that the excess Oil is absorbed by it.
    Sabudana Chivda Preparation
    Sabudana Chivda Preparation
  2. Next, fry the Groundnuts to dark brown and remove on a same plate. Then fry Cashew-nuts to golden colour.
  3. Fry Raisins at the end till it bubbles up and turns to golden colour. Do not over fry any of these ingredients.
  4. Transfer all these ingredients to a steel container which has lid. Add Salt, Chilli Powder and Powdered Sugar to it as in the image.
    Sabudana Chivda Preparation
    Sabudana Chivda Preparation
  5. Close the lid and shake it for a minute or till the spices covers the Sabudana. Adjust the Salt, Sugar and Spice as per your taste. Or you can hand mix it, but shaking in a box will cover up the Sabudana with spice and salt evenly.
Sabudana Chivda
Sabudana Chivda


  1. We can prepare different variety of this Chivda by adding more ingredients like Aval or Poha, Roasted Bengal Gram or fried Bengal Gram to it.
  2. Always fry Sabudana or Sago in a batch. Do not over crowd while frying, take only a Tbsp of Sabudana in a steel strainer and fry. As it bubbles up frying will become difficult with more of it at once.
  3. Always ensure before removing Sabudana from the strainer that it is well fried.



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