Palak Pakora/Pakoda


Spinach or Palak leaves have high nutritional value; they are a rich source of Iron and Calcium. You can prepare varieties of food using Palak like Palak Paneer, Palak Tambli, Palak Paratha, Palak Soup, Palak Rice etc. In this post I will provide you with the recipe for Palak Pakora. It tastes really good specially when the Pakora/Pakoda is hot. One can have Spinach or Palak Pakora as an evening snack with Tea or Coffee.

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Palak Pakora or Spinach Pakora
Palak Pakora or Spinach Pakora
Spinach/Palak Pakora Ingredients:

  • Medium sized Palak/Spinach Leaves – 10-12
  • Besan or Bengal Gram Flour – 3/4 cup
  • Corn Flour – 1 Tbsp
  • Rice Flour – 1 Tbsp
  • Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
  • Cooking Soda – Pinch
  • Salt
  • Oil

Time to Prepare: 30 min

How to Make Palak Pakora:

1. With water, clean the Palak/Spinach leaves well. Keep aside.

2. In a vessel, add Besan or Bengal Gram Flour, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Red Chilli Powder, Cooking Soda, Salt and mix well.

3. Heat 1 Tbsp Oil and pour it to the flour mixture (Step 2) and mix well with the help of hand without allowing lumps to be formed. Make sure that the Oil mixes properly with all the flours and other ingredients.

4. Now add water to the flour mixture (Step 3) and prepare thick batter as you would for dosa batter. Keep aside for just 10 minutes. See to it that the batter is not kept this way for more than 20 minutes.

5. Heat the Oil in a pan for deep frying.

6. Now dip Palak/Spinach Leaves one at a time deep into the batter, remove quickly and deep fry in Oil until Palak/Spinach Pakora turns golden brown.

Now Spinach or Palak Pakora is ready to serve. One can have Palak Pakora/Pakoda with or without Sauce.



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