Sweet Lime Juice or Mosambi Juice


Sweet Lime or Sweet Lemon or Mosambi as it is popularly known in India is generally regarded as one of healthiest fruits you can consume. I regularly make Sweet Lime Juice for my eight month old toddler to help improve digestion, reduce thirst and fatigue during hot summer days. It helps reduce constipation too. The juice, when applied externally, is believed to help reduce skin blemishes and provide a healthy glow to the skin.

Like Orange and Lemon, Sweet Lime is a rich source of Vitamin C. It has little or no fat content and can aid weight loss. Sweet Lime Juice or Mosambi Juice is recommended during fever for its cooling effect. I know people suffering from Typhoid (common in India) are advised to have Mosambi Juice to help recover faster.

Sweet Lime Juice or Mosambi Juice
Sweet Lime Juice or Mosambi Juice

Sweet Lime Juice Ingredients:

  • Sweet Lime or Mosambi – 5
  • Sugar – 1 Tbsp (Optional)
  • Water – 1 Cup

Time to Prepare: 10 min

How to Make Sweet Lime Juice or Mosambi Juice:

1. Peel out the outer skin of the Mosambi. Remove the outer thin white layer of the fruit, separate out the fruit pieces and pull out the seeds from the Sweet Lime bits. It is essential to remove the seeds before you proceed to grind the fruit – helps to avoid the seed getting crushed, getting mixed up with fruit juice and imparting a not-very-desirable bitter taste to Mosambi or Sweet Lime Juice

2. Transfer the Sweet Lime pieces (with seeds removed) and Sugar to a mixer jar and grind the same with just a little water added. If you are going to use a Juicer (see below), do not add water.

3. Once ground, remove from the mixer grinder. Filter the whole mixture to obtain pure Mosambi or Sweet Lime Juice with the not-so-edible soggy mass filtered out.

4. Transfer to a glass, top with Ice cubes and serve chilled.

Note: I used to own a hand operated Juicer from a company called Anjali Juicer (photo and details at Anjali’s products page). It has several advantages over the mixer grinder when preparing fruit juice –
Anjali Fruit Juicer

1) Juice comes handy when extracting juice out of Citrus fruits like Orange, Sweet Lime or Mosambi and fruits like Pomegranate which have seeds inside them. It extracts juice without crushing the inner seeds (often bitter in taste in Citrus fruits) and automatically filters out just the unwanted pulp out of the fruit juice mixture. Whenever I feel like thirsty for Orange Juice or Sweet Lime Juice with just the right kind of pulp in it. I go for the Juice extracted from this juicer.

2) Juice ground in the mixer grinder is best consumed fresh since the juice can turn bitter after about half an hour. Results are far better with juice extracted out of Juicer.

3) No electricity required for Juicer; requires just a little patience and circular hand movement. Just peel out the outer skin, separate the pieces from the fruit and drop them into the top of the juicer (no need to remove seeds) and turn the handle. On other side just keep a vessel or bowl or glass, the extracted juice will flow with the pulp.

Hence, try out a Juicer like the Anjali Juicer for better results. Quite easy to use and helps meet the needs of toddlers, children and family members for fruit juice like the Sweet Lime or Mosambi Juice, specially during summer season.


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