Homemade Crunchy Chocolate


I attended a few cooking sessions on Homemade Chocolate recipes long time back, have tried quite a few of them at home, distributed them to everyone’s delight. They really tasted so good that people simply could not believe that this was something that you can easily make at home and even better, you can make Homemade Chocolates of so many variations. In fact, I tried many variations of these Chocolates at home (and certain variations several times already) but unfortunately I have not been able to post them here. I hope to post them in coming days.

Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
Homemade Crunchy Chocolate

Variations of Homemade Chocolates are achieved by the appropriate fillings, by just adding the dry fruits to the chocolates and by adding different flavors (like Vanilla, Strawberry etc) added to the Chocolates directly. My first post on Homemade Chocolates talked about Coffee Chocolate and this one explains what is known as Crunchy Chocolate. One of the cousins of my Husband bought this Crunchy Chocolate from Bliss Chocolate Lounge, Forum Mall here in Koramangala, Bangalore. When I tasted it, I could see that they just used regular Corn Flakes to achieve “crunchiness” but the cost was too high for each piece. So I thought of trying it in my kitchen and it came out really good, just like so many other variations of Chocolates.

For making Crunchy Chocolate at home, you can use a mixture of Dark Chocolates and Milk Chocolates or you can just use one of these two exclusively. It all depends on one’s taste. For Corn Flakes, you may use plain Corn Flakes or Honey based. I used Honey based since I had it ready at home. Best to avoid other Corn Flakes flavors like Strawberry or Mango or Banana, since they may ruin the Chocolate Flavor. You can control the crunchiness of Chocolate by adding less or more of Corn Flakes (the more you add Corn Flakes, crunchier it is likely to get but make sure you keep it in balance). So, try this simple and easy Chocolate recipe and enjoy wholesome goodness of Chocolates made at home. I plan to post next Caramel Filled Chocolate. So keep an eye on my website if you are looking for more varieties of Chocolates to prepare at home.

Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
Homemade Crunchy Chocolate Ingredients:

  • Dark Chocolate – 1/2 Cup
  • Milk Chocolate – 1/4 Cup
  • Corn Flakes – 1 and 1/4 Cup (Plain or Honey based)

Preparation Time : 10-15 min

How to Make Crunchy Chocolate :

  1. Crush the Corn Flakes with the help of hand, ensure that they are not powdered. Keep aside.
  2. Melt both Milk and Dark varieties of Chocolates seperately using double boiling method or by using microwave for 1-2 minutes. Do refer to my post on how to melt the Chocolate for melting instructions.
  3. Mix both melted Milk and melted Dark Chocolates. Now add the crushed Corn Flakes to it and mix well until crushed Corn Flakes are covered completely.
    Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
    Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
  4. Now take Corn Flakes Chocolate mixture one spoon at a time and arrange each of these one spoonful of Chocolate paste on a butter sheet or on a parchment paper. Butter sheet or a parchment paper helps to avoid Chocolates sticking to the sheet and that’s why I used them.
  5. Once the chocolate pieces are arranged, keep the arranged Crunchy Chocolate butter sheet on a plate and keep it in freezer for 5-6 min. Then remove from the freezer and keep for a minute or so in room temperature and then remove the Crunchy Chocolate from the butter sheet or parchment paper. The measurements for ingredients I have provided above may yield around 10-12 Chocolates.
    Homemade Crunchy Chocolate
    Homemade Crunchy Chocolate

Now the Homemade Crunchy Chocolate is ready. Store them in an air tight box or wrap in an aluminium foil for longer use.


  1. Hey Hema!!!

    This Homemade Crunchy Chocolate looks very cool and pretty easy!! I will try it ASAP …may be in this weekend:) Thanks For the Post again:)
    Loved IT!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Hema!

    You have a wonderful blog. I just discovered your blog today. YOu have so many vegetarian recipes . So many recipes can be easily veganised.

    I make everything from kheers to burrfies and cookies to cupcakes using diary alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk. I often visit vaishali’s blog – holy cow blog, for recipes . Vegan India is also a great website which gives so much information about vegan lifestyle in India.


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