Fruit Yogurt


Fruit Yogurt is quite to easy to make, can be quite healthy while tasting great. If you are looking for something different than Fruit Salad with equally good quantity of fruit serving, Fruit Yogurt can be a good choice. Also a good way to surprise your guests with something different.

Fruit Yogurt
Fruit Yogurt
Fruit Yogurt Ingredients:

  • Milk – 500 ml or 2 Cups
  • Sugar – 1 Cup
  • Curd or Yogurt – 2 tsp
  • Cardamom Powder – 2 Pinches

Fruits needed:

  • Banana – 2
  • Apple – 1
  • Chikkoo or Sapota – 2
  • Pomegranate Seeds – 1/4 Cup
  • Green Grapes or Red Grapes – 1/4 Cup (Seasonal optional fruit)
  • Guava – 1 Medium Sized
  • Dry Fruits – Cashew, Raisins and Pistachio

Preparation Time: 12 hours
Time to Make :30 min
Total duration: 12 hours 30 min

How to Make Fruit Yogurt:

  1. Pour Milk into a thick bottom pan/vessel and start boiling it. Then add Sugar and Cardamom Powder and boil the Milk till the Milk is reduced to 3/4 of its volume. Switch off the flame and let the Milk mixture cool to room temperature. This may take about 2 hours of time.
  2. Once cooled, transfer the Milk mixture to another bowl and add Curd or Yogurt to it. Leave this mixture to settle and ferment for about 6-8 hours. Once fermented, keep the preparation in refrigerator for about 2 hours by closing the lid.
    Fruit Yogurt
    Fruit Yogurt
  3. Peel the outer skin of the Banana, Apple and Chikkoo. Now cut all the peeled fruits, Guava and Grapes into small pieces. Peel out the Pomegranate skin, remove fruit seeds from it.
  4. While retaining a small percentage of Pomegranate seeds for garnishing, transfer all the fruits and dry fruits like Cashew, Raisins and  Pistachio to a bowl. Now sprinkle some Sugar on the fruits in the bowl and mix them all well with the help of a spoon. Sugar is added to helps cut fruits not change their color.
  5. One can serve the Fruit Yogurt in two ways:
    Fruit Yogurt
    Fruit Yogurt
  1. Take a long glass, add one layer of mixed Fruits and Dry Fruits from the above step and on the above layer, add one layer of Curd or Yogurt. Repeat this process till glass gets full as shown in the images above. Garnish with Pomegranate Seeds as in the Image.
  2. Second way of serving involves just mixing all the Fruits with Curd or Yogurt directly and then serving in a bowl, as in the other image. Both the versions taste superb.

Now the Fruit Yogurt is ready to serve.


1. Instead of adding Sugar and Cardamom Powder to Milk, boiling and cooling the Milk and then mixing with Curd, one can add Sugar and Cardamom Powder directly to the Curd (no Milk involved) and use the same in Fruit Yogurt. But I feel the above method involving boiled and cooled Milk tastes better and worth the extra effort.

2. One can use any type of seasonal fruits and not all are required. When I prepared Fruit Yogurt, I could not find Grapes but still it tastes good. Use at least Banana, Apple and Guava. Guava fruit, specially, makes the Fruit Yogurt taste better.


  1. Dear Hema ,

    will be greatful if you answer my queries.

    1. Why to boil milk to reduce to its 3/4 th ? Its similar the way we maharashtrian make “Basundi” ) Reducing volume in this dish aiming at what exactly ?
    a. Removes water content ; settles with fatty content >> increases calorific value ?
    b. Improves taste ?
    c. other ? (plz specify)

    2. Why to keep fermented this mixture of pre-boiled milk and curd ?
    (Fermentation increases nutritive value ; agree ! But is it so needed in this dish ? )


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