Fruit Salad


Ever popular Fruit salad based on milk mixture. I sometimes prepare this when I see a sudden surge in fruit inventory at home. Great salad recipe that helps consume a mixture of fruits in a single serving. Loved by even those who are not into the habit of having fruits regularly, including children.

Update: I now also have a more simple and easy Fruit Salad recipe posted.

Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Ingredients :

  • Banana – 4-5
  • Apple – 2
  • Green Grapes – 1/4 Kg or 0.5 lb
  • Orange – 2
  • Optionally add more cut fruits like Mango, Sapota/Sapodilla (Chikku), Sweet Lime/Mosambi etc.
  • Cashew nuts – 8-9
  • Raisins (Kishmish) – 10
  • Dates – 5-6
  • Milk – 1/2 litre or 17 ounces or 2 cups
  • Sugar – 1 and 1/4 cup
  • Saffron or Kesar Strands – 4-5
  • All Purpose flour or Maida – 1 teaspoon

Time to Prepare: 15 min

How to Make Fruit Salad:

  1. Cut all the fruits and Dates. Add Raisins and Cashew nuts and mix it all well and keep it in refrigerator for 1 hr.
  2. Take 1 tsp of All Purpose Flour or Maida and mix well in 3 tsp of cold milk with a spoon. Make it a paste and keep it aside.
  3. Boil 1/2 litre or 2 cups (16-17 ounces) of milk in a vessel. Add sugar to the boiling milk. Stir well and allow the sugar to dissolve completely. Then stir the boiling milk for 15 minutes in medium flame till the milk becomes a bit thick and reduces to 1/4 of the original quantity.
  4. Add Saffron or Kesar strands to the milk and boil for 5 more mins.
  5. Add All Purpose Flour or Maida paste from Step 2 to this Milk mixture and keep stirring all the way while allowing this milk blend to boil for 10 more min. Now the whole mixture becomes bit thick (as thick as condensed milk). Remove from the flame.
  6. Leave the milk blend to cool well for about 30 min. Then add cut fruits and nuts ingredients from refrigerator and mix well.
  7. Keep the fruit salad preparation in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
  8. Before serving, garnish with Raisins and Cashew if needed.

The fruit salad prepared should taste really great. Fruits are good to health and fruit salad is a great way to consume as many fruits as possible at once.

Keep in mind that you are not required to consume the fruit salad in one go. Prepare in larger quantities; keep in refrigerator and consume over a period of 2-3 days. My husband loves to have Fruits Salad and we keep the salad in refrigerator for 2 days and consume them in the evenings.

Fruit Salad Serving
Fruit Salad Serving

Do not add Custard powder when you have milk mixture prepared. If you are in a hurry, use custard powder instead of preparing the milk mixture. But the fruit salad prepared as per the directions above gives you the best taste.


  1. hi,
    i went thru the recipe of fruit salad…but instead of using the maida…u can try using custard powder instead./…the taste is much better 🙂

    • Minal – You can use Custard Powder to make Fruit Salad. If you use Custard Powder, then no need to boil the Milk and reduce it to half the volume and all those other steps I have written about in the recipe. You can just add the Custard Powder to normal Milk and directly mix it with Fruits. The recipe I have given for Fruit Salad helps if you do not have Custard Powder at hand or do not want to use it for some reason. Thanks for writing to me.

  2. Fruit Salad is so simple and looking very good and beautiful. I will definitely try it at home. I hope my husband will like it. Thank you

  3. Hi! I’ve read about recipes on fruit salads and I love them. My only concern though is that some of the ingredients are not common in my country Ghana. So may be you can try writing more on African recipes. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for that great meal. I enjoyed it but just that if more African ones could also be taught…. we would love that. I’m also from Ghana

  5. Hi it seems this recipe is simple and tasty. I am definitely gonna try this today!
    Thank you for this delicious recipe. I expect more simple and delicious recipes from you.

  6. Hello, I prepared it, It was very delicious. My family liked it very much. Thanks for the good recipe. Can I know that instead of milk what can be mix in this salad. Because as per Ayurvedas, eating fruits with milk is not suitable to body. Thanks.

    • Bhavana – Happy to hear that your family liked Fruid Salad. Yes, if you feel like not adding Milk to the Fruit Salad, I can think of mixing fruits with thick Coconut Milk; that can taste good. We usually add Coconut Milk for Banana Rasayana/Salad.


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