Dates Milkshake


Dates Milkshake is a tasty and healthy Milkshake that is quite easy to prepare with less ingredients. Dates provide instant energy whether consumed directly or when you consume them by preparing Milkshake out of them. When I was suffering from Haemoglobin deficiency, doctor suggested me to have 2-3 Dates everyday. Within a month my Haemoglobin level increased quite a bit. Many pregnant women suffer from this deficiency and doctors advise them to have Dates along with other Dry Fruits.

There are other health benefits to Dates – it helps achieve a balance in food intake, thereby helping people gain weight or lose depending on their needs. Nutrition and energy value in Dates helps gain weight. The high nutrition also helps reduce food intake in obese since Dates tend to fill the stomach quickly and stop overeating. It is often advised to consume 2-3 Dates a day to achieve good health. Dates are rich in natural fiber and good source of Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium. Soaking the Dates in water overnight and consumption of Dates with soaked water in the morning helps to relieve constipation. See here for more details on health benefits of Dates.

Dates Milk Shake
Dates Milk Shake

Ingredients for Dates Milkshake :

  • Milk – 2 cups
  • Dates – 10 pieces
  • Sugar – 6 tea spoons

Preparation Time : 10 min

Total Time Taken : 4-5 hrs

How to Make Dates Milkshake:

  1. Soak dates in a glass of milk for 4-5 hours.
  2. Add sugar and remaining glass of milk to the soaked dates and grind it well in a mixer.
  3. Keep the prepared milk shake in a refrigerator for about half hour. Serve cool.


  1. Your recipes are easy to make, beautiful in taste ,& healthy to eat.I would appreciate if you send me links to about four vegetarian curries with gravy.I am total veg n love with good gravies.Thanks

  2. I have given my regular email.Indicated my need. Pl reply at yr earliest.This msg sent from my phone. I cant print out from phone.

    • Thanks for your comments Shanthi Lalan. You can go to the Curries and Subji categories, there you get a lot of varieties of Curries available. You can try and enjoy those Curries with Rice or with Chapatis.

  3. I love smoothies better than juice because although juicing gives you the nutrients of fresh produce it removes the pulp and fiber which is essential in keeping our colon in good working order.


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