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Butter Fruit Milkshake or Avocado Milkshake


Known for its rich creamy taste, Butter Fruit or Avocado can act as a rich source of essential protein for Vegetarians and Vegans. Butter Fruit or Avocado is known for high fiber content and is a good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Potassium, Copper and has high levels of Folate. Folate promotes healthy heart and reduces risk of Stroke. Research studies indicate that Butter Fruit or Avocado can reduce risk of cancer (due to rich presence of carotenoids in Butter Fruit), help lower cholesterol, can help control blood pressure(since Butter Fruit is a rich source for pottassium).

Unlike most other fruits, Butter Fruit is high in fat though most of it is monounsaturated, health enhancing and known to reduce bad cholesterol while maintaining good cholesterol. For more information, read this excellent article on Health Benefits of Avocado.

In United States, 90% of Avocado production happens in California. Also have a look at my recent postΒ Butter Fruit Dessert or Avocado Dessert recipe.


Butter Fruit Milk Shake or Avocado Milk Shake
Butter Fruit Milk Shake or Avocado Milk Shake
Butter Fruit Milkshake Ingredients:

  • Butter Fruit or Avocado – 1
  • Milk – 2 glasses
  • Sugar – 2 Tbsp

Time to Prepare: 10 min

How to Make Butter Fruit Milkshake:

  1. Cut the Butter Fruit into two pieces; discard the big seed from it. Extract the inner greenish yellow pulp from the fruit with the help of spoon. The green outer covering should be discarded as well.
  2. Add milk and sugar to the Butter fruit pulp and grind it in a mixer grinder.
  3. Keep the milk shake in a refrigerator for 2 hr. Serve cool.

Butter Fruit Milkshake or Avocado Milkshake is one of most popular fruit shakes in Karnataka because of its great taste.

Further Notes:
In India, Butter Fruit is grown primarily in Coorg in Karnataka. It looks greenish and its pulp is almost greenish yellow. You will find this fruit only in the winter season from November to February/March. If the greenish outer cover is turning brown then don’t purchase it.
This Avocado fruit costs a bit, but once you taste this fruit with sugar or prepare milk shake, you will feel like having it regularly. This fruit pulp/juice by itself is tasteless and cannot be had without adding sugar to it.


  1. mam were can i buy butter fruit in bangalore(2) i got some green colored butter fruit from hassan it was realy hard to peel the skin and extract flesh until it turned brown?
    Could some one answer these questions. Thx in advance

    • Hi, you can get Butter fruit in any of the vegetable or in fruit shops in Bangalore. The color of the fruit is green. Try to buy the fruit which feels soft & ripe. Try not to buy the hard ones. Once you feel the fruit is soft, then cut the fruit and take out the big seed and remove the flesh from the fruit with the help of the spoon. No need to wait for fruit to turn brown. You can also get brown colored Butter fruit, but I have no experience with them and hence cannot comment. Thanks

  2. Hi Hema,
    Thanks a lot for the delicious recipes. I have got married recently and moved to the USA. your website has been very useful for me. most of them are using coconut and since i am from South karnataka, just tried and relished many of your recipes.

  3. I have made this milkshake but substituted the milk with rice or raw almond milk and added raw organic honey for a much healthier beverage: The raw honey is loaded with nutrients (such as numerous enzymes) and the raw almond milk has added omega-3 fats. Optional ingredients to add are bananas and greens (such as kale or spinach — my favorites) and you have an ultimate healthy and delectable meal in a glass!

  4. you can use brown colour butter fruit. In ooty butter fruit juice is famous in market. they always use brown colour skin fruits only.

  5. My first encounter with Avocado was in Uganda, Africa, where people are really nuts about it. To me, the way they ate it (plain or with salt) it was yucky!

    Just 2 days ago I had gone to a fruit juice shop in the neighborhood and since what I wanted to have was not cold, was wondering what else to take.

    Saw 3 other customers ask for butterfruit juice which looked quite enticing. So I ordered one and am now fully hooked onto it. Completely overcome the Africa experience and hope to have it regularly (1-2 times weekly) for its health benefits as well as for mild, buttery taste.

    Instead of buying the fruit and messing around, why not just go down to the shop and drink or take away?


    • Ram – did not know Avocado/Butter Fruit was so popular in the African subcontinent.
      Having Butter Fruit Juice in the juice outlet is a nice choice to have. In fact, that’s how I got introduced to this fruit, when I was treated to nice yummy Avocado shake:) Thanks for writing to me.

  6. Hi, Thanks for sharing the info, I had always read about the benefits of Avocado and did not know where to get it. Recently I saw butter fruit in the juice shop and thought that it was not health as it is “BUTTER” Fruit..
    Since I have not seen an Avocado before, I was thinking they both were different and today I was just searching the net to see if they are the same..

  7. I’ve only recently started eating Avocado. Here in South Africa we like to put it on toasted bread with salt and biltong(dried meat) flakes. Yum! Or you could use avocado and mustard sauce… Anything goes really!

  8. Thank you so much for this recipe. I had Butter fruit juice in Madurai about 12 years ago and have not been able to forget that taste yet. I had no idea that Avocado is Butter fruit. I will be off to the store later today to get avocado and treat myself and the family to some yummy Butter fruit juice πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for this information and also this great website.

  9. I like butter fruit taste very much.One more information i would like to share here.Having butter fruit will increase the sexual activity for male.


  10. Hi glad to have a nice and healthy talks here.I got a very good info from all of you guys.Can any one suggest some best and healthy diet for children. Waiting for soon preperation with your replies…

  11. We have a butter fruit tree at home..:)
    hmmm its yummy I would like to have it adding sugar, just thicker pulp not juice πŸ™‚

  12. Today I made the milk shake with butter fruit as suggested by you. It is really wonderful.
    I purchased these butter fruits from Yercaud, a hill station near Salem (Tamil Nadu) for Rs.40/- a kg. In a kilogram, some 4 to 5 fruits are weighed.

  13. Hi guys,
    butter fruit can be eaten as bhel puri just cut onions,tomatoes ,green chillies and ripe butter fruit(avocado) into small pieces mix add sev,salt and mamra (puffed rice),and finally sqeeze lemon on top mix and enjoy .
    avocadoes are tasty when they are brown color and soft when to cut open inside it looks light green in color (easy to cut)and very tasty. green avocadoes are unripe and hard to cut not at all tasty.

    • Sorry Venkat for the late reply. Ya you can use pasteurized cold milk for this Avocado Milkshake. It is better to use boiled and cooled Milk or Pasteurized Milk to any type of Milkshakes.


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