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Amrutha Phala Burfi

Amrutha Phala Burfi
Amrutha Phala Burfi

Amrutha Phala sweet Burfi has an unique taste – that of a combination of milk and coconut milk. This easy to prepare sweet dish requires just 3 ingredients – Milk, Coconut and Sugar. It can be a good idea to prepare this somewhat rare  sweet for parties and festive occasions.

Amrutha Phala Burfi Ingredients:

  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Thick Coconut milk – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup

How to Prepare:

Grease a dinner plate with Ghee and keep it aside.

Place a pan or vessel on a stove. Add all the above ingredients into the pan or vessel and stir the mixture in medium flame.

Continue to stir constantly on low flame (do not use high flame – this will make the sweet to change its color to an undesirable brown color). When the mixture turns thick and heating mixture starts separating out or breaking away from the sides of the vessel, remove from flame.

Pour out the mixture to the Ghee greased plate and cut the Burfi into your favorite shape. For me, diamond shape looks good.

Amrutha Phala Burfi takes just about 30 min to prepare.


  1. Amruthaphala ello omme thindaddu nenapu. Aadre nammalli adannu akki hittalli maadtharalla..bare haalu, tengna haalu serisidre halwa agatha antha nanna sanna doubt..please clarify if possible. Angadalli UHT coconut milk sigathalla adanna upayogisabahuda?

    • Hi Lakshmi – Hakidha exact proportion nalli Sakkare mathe coconut milk plus normal milk medium flame nalli stir madtha idhre the whole mixture will thicken and can prepare burfi as mentioned in the recipe. Angadi coconut milk use madhre, I feel the burfi will come out even better since this milk will be thicker than the one we prepare at home. Thanks for asking.

    • Amrutha Phala as I know is made from the milk of soaked wheat ground in a stone appurtenant and sieved through a muslin clock. Then mixed with sweetening agent with milk and boiled to the consistency as required.

  2. Hi Hema,

    Thought I’ll let you know, that I tried out this recepe as well. It came out very well. I added a bit of rose essence too :)…. It was soft and the flavour was nice and different from what we get from using condensed milk.

    • Melb,

      Happy to know that the Burfi came out well. Rose essence is a great idea – let me try it out too sometime. And I have few other essences too that I can try. This feedback truly helps – so keep posting your comments. Thanks!


  3. Hi Hema,
    I tried this recipe but after adding milk to coconut milk and sugar and heating on medium flame it turned sour and became very watery. Upon heating on medium flame for more than 25 mins it was semi solid never turned into burfi can you plz tell me why so.


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