Sabudana Vada (Sago Patties) or Sabakki Vada

Sabudana Vada or Sago Patties

Sabudana Vada or Sago Patties

The recipe for Sabakki Vada/Sago Patties was told over phone by my friend Seema and I just tried this appetizer/snack for the first time. You can see that the Vada looks quite tempting and it tasted really good.

Vada/Patty Ingredients :

  • Sago or Sabudana/Sabakki – 1 cup
  • Potatoes – 2 Large sized
  • Roasted Peanut powder – 2 Tbsp
  • Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
  • Curd / Yoghurt – 1 tsp
  • Cumin Seeds / Jeera – 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Oil to fry

How to Prepare:

1) Wash Sabudana and drain out the water from it. Keep the washed Sabudana aside in a vessel for about 1 hr 30 min. This helps Sabudana turn soft. Do not try to soak Sabudana/Sabakki in water to soften it. This makes it turn into a paste.

2) Wash the Potatoes and cook them until they become soft. Peel out the skin from the Potatoes, mash them and keep aside.

3) Roast the peanuts and grind it in a mixer grinder and keep the powder ready.

4) Once the Sabudana has turned soft (Step 1) : In a mixing bowl, have mashed Potatoes, Sabudana, roasted Peanut powder, Curd, Red Chilli powder, Jeera, Salt and mix well. Do mix to obtain a thick dough. If you feel that the dough is too soft, add peanut powder to make thicker. A softer dough can make the Vada to crack while frying in oil making frying Vada difficult with a messy oil.

5) Now take a small lemon sized ball of dough and press with hand to obtain round shape like that of a Vada shown in the image. See that the sides of Vada is properly pressed to obtain the right shape.

6) Heat oil in a frying pan, place the dough balls into the heated oil to fry in the pan. Deep fry in medium flame to ensure that Sabudana Vada/Sago Patty is cooked sufficiently.

Sabudana/Sabakki Vada is now ready. Serve this appetizer with Tomato sauce.

I tried this first time and it turned out superb. By seeing the picture itself one feels like trying out this appetizer/snack.

Note: You may use Green Chillies instead of Red Chilli powder.

Sabudana Vada or Sago Patties

Sabudana Vada or Sago Patties

2 thoughts on “Sabudana Vada (Sago Patties) or Sabakki Vada

  1. Hema,

    I have been attempting to make these since ages, and never got them right. Your recipe is so simple, but the few tips helped avoid the mess, and they came out perfect the very first time.

    You’re bookmarked :)

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