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Sweet Paddu Paniyaram

Sweet Paddu or Paniyaram

This one is a variation of Sweet Dosa Recipe posted by me earlier. You can choose to prepare Dosa or Paddu/Paniyaram depending on your taste and preference. Since I am posting the Spicy version of Paddu/Paniyaram, a separate post will help better highlight the Paddu variations. Paddu is known by various names like Guliappa, Paniyaram,…


Guliyappa or Paddu

Paddu or Guliyappa has a few variations and I have posted the Spicy Paddu and Sweet Paddu or Paniyaram Recipe separately. Paddu or Guliyappa Ingredients:Urad Dal / White Lenthils  – 1/2 cup Dosa Rice – 2 cups Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp Thin Poha or Flattened Rice – 1/4 cup Salt Finely Chopped coriander leaves…